Artist statement.

Ben’s unique and innovative approach to art practice accompanied by his employment of unusual materials and process has lead to many awards and recognition. In particular Ben’s deliberate use of wood grain as a substrate has unlocked and challenged the spatial dimension of space and reality within painting itself. The near three dimensional quality of the palpable wood panel, the grown fractal pattern of nature itself are seamlessly integrated into compositions with photo realist oil painting. Nature is his subject matter, whether it be a landscape or large bird study, the symbiosis of wood grain, realist painting and subject is very peculiar, there is a strong resonance between the subject ‘nature’ and the wood, which is also ‘nature’  in solid terms.

To state the obvious, Ben is questioning, joking  and altering our perception of what we perceive as ‘real’ on a subtle level.  The solid wood panel and pattern of the grain constantly cross over to be interpreted as sky, water or sand, to be the  illusion, whilst the realist painting, being the actual illusion, is so convincingly real it crosses to the other side posing as the ‘real’. Yet this paradox is somehow soothing and invigorating, perhaps due to the minimal, peaceful contemplative nature scenes presented and the subtle approach he has taken.

In the artists words

“I see an artist as a kind of shaman who delves into the far corners of reality and ideas, then brings these ideas back to the circle of the ‘ordinary’,  presents them in a manner which will connect as direct as possible to the idea, forming a bridge or conduit  if you like. The conduit, if it be clear and concisely executed will lead the viewer to the idea directly, the painting is only the window, the viewer is the one who ‘sees’, or perceives through to the idea – although every viewer will have their own unique experience, subject to their own conditioning and way of ‘seeing’  of course.

To many people’s surprise my sketch books are filled with scrappy little drawings  with notes, these simply serve as a reminder of an idea, the true meaning of ‘drawing’ is to draw forth something, an idea. For me an idea is in the split second, I can see the entire finished painting and understand the  compositional necessities, I sketch a scrappy reminder and preserve the ideas energy for the actual piece, then ensues the technical challenge of painting.

Nature as a subject matter I find contains ample scope, I deliberately avoid man made objects to lessen the noise and connotations attached to them.  I like nature, the mystery of it and its ability as a subject matter to have an affiliation to every viewer. There is of course an underlying desire that I would like to revere nature and through painting bring more public awareness and appreciation of the beauty and interconnectedness we share with nature, we take it for granted these days too much.

I discovered a natural talent for painting when I was young, I have studied at institutions, yet I say I am self taught. Technical abilities can always be refined, reaching into the world of ideas is another matter. I would encourage those wishing to become an artist to get to know themselves on a deeper level, draw from what you are passionate about, then what you produce will have a purity and efficacy. “


Ben Timmins Studio will re-open December for the summer, and also will be attending the following fairs…

The Christmas Country Fete
Glenmark domain Waipara,  October 26th    see website
Centrewood Fete
Waimate,  October 29th      see website
Geraldine Summer Fete
Geraldine, November 2nd   see website
The Festive Fete
Cromwell, November 26th   see website
Martinborough Country Fair
Martinborough, February 3rd & March 3rd,   see website


Upcoming Exhibitions

2018 Solo Exhibition, August, ArtBay Gallery, Queenstown.



Recent Exhibition History


– Artbourne Exhibition, Wellesley College, Wellington. Nov 3rd – 6th.

– Millenium Art Gallery, Blenhiem. Group show Oct 28th – Dec 7th.

– Quirky Fox Gallery, Hawera. ‘Spirit of Alcedonia’ exhibiton. from Oct 23rd.

– Paper Scissors Rock Gallery, ongoing exhibition. Takaka, Golden Bay.

– A + E Gallery,print show, December – February. Napier.

– Dangerous Kitchen, Takaka. January – February Showcase exhibition.


– Nelson Art Expo, October 24th – 25th, Nelson.

– New Zealand Art Show, Artist wall, Wellington.


– NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Life Education Exhibition, Wellington, November 28th.

-Braveheart Exhibition, October 23rd – 26th, Auckland.

-Wellesley centennial Exhibition, October 24th – 27th, Wellington.

– Auckland Grammar School Art Show, September 5th -7th.

– New Zealand Art Show, Artist Wall, July.

-Kereru Gallery group show, ‘Bird song’ January.

2013 -Art & Enterprise Gallery Solo Exhibition, ‘Harmonic field’, November 27th – December 15th, Napier.

-Wellesley college, Artist in Residence Exhibition, Wellington.

– Winner of the Signature Award, New Zealand Art Show.

– Artist Wall at the New Zealand Art Show.

– Conservation House Exhibition, DOC, Wellington CBD.

– Cliftons Art Prize Exhibition, Wellington.

– Artist Aviary Exhibition, Kereru Gallery, Tasman, Nelson.

2012: – 1st Peoples Choice Award, Artbourne, Wellesley College, Wellington.

– Wellesley College, Artbourne Exhibition, Wellington.

– Winner of the Signature Award, New Zealand Art Show.

– Winner of the Winesale Award, New Zealand Art Show.

– Artist Wall at the New Zealand Art Show.

– Clifton Art Prize Finalist Exhibition, Wellington.

– New Zealand Art Show, launch Exhibition, Museum Hotel, Wellington.

– Finalist for the Adam Portrait Award, group Exhibition at Shed 11, Wellington.

2011: – Signature Award winner. New Zealand Art Show. Wellington.

– Artist Wall at the New Zealand Art Show.

– Group Exhibition. Art Show North. Northland.

– New Zealand Art Show, launch Exhibition, Museum Hotel, Wellington.

– 1st Prize Painting, Art Show North.

– Painting acquisition. James Wallace Art Trust.

2010:  – Group Exhibition. Kohia Terrace School Contemporary Art Exhibition, Auckland.

– Group Exhibition. New Zealand Art Show, Wellington.

– Private commissions.

2009:- Three group exhibitions. NZ Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington.

– Group Exhibition. Kohia Terrace School Contemporary Art Exhibition, Auckland.

– Group Exhibition. Satellite Gallery, Auckland.

2008:-Solo Exhibition. Small Dog Gallery, Auckland.

-Group Exhibition. Kohia Terrace School Contemporary Art Exhibition, Auckland.

-Group Exhibition. Depot Artspace Main Gallery, Auckland.

-Satellite Gallery artists group show. Depot Artspace Main Gallery, Auckland.

-Group Exhibition. NZ Affordable Art Show, Wellington.

2007: -Group exhibition. NZ Affordable Art Show, Wellington.

2004: -Solo exhibition. Spiral Gallery (now Satellite Gallery), Auckland.

2003: -Group exhibitions. Peterborough Arts Centre, Canada.